Skin Care Routine: Current favorites under 150 php ($3)


I know I have no legit excuse for not blogging for like a week and a half so I decided to unearth my bulky laptop and of course take some photos that I planned to include in this blog.

Now that I am 20 years old, I am more conscious of my skin care habits (okay, I know 20 isn’t that old but ya know, I plan to live is this body until I’m 80 soooo……I have to keep this house pretty and clean!). I am the most frugal person you can find when it comes to shopping (kind of) so I tend to look for both high quality and budget friendly products that works for me. Anyway, I have been obsessing over these five products which I mostly got from the drugstore if I am not mistaken. I think I’ll just get started now…

  1. Quick FX Eyelift Cream 89 php ($1.80)


wow. r u lovin’ the uncolored coloring book page? me too! (gotta color them soon)

Okay, let’s get down to business! I know the photo’s out of focus but you can read the packaging. It’s an eye lift cream which you can apply under your eyes to minimize and reduce puffiness and firm those fine lines. As for the fine lines, I have no dues to pay yet but the puffiness, I am extremely guilty. I have to admit the I am not the most well rested person in the planet. I totally do not get enough sleep so this product is sort of my BFF. I also have to admit that I do a bit of crying since aunt flo is right around the corner so I tend to wake up with extra puffy eyes. For me, this thing works and I know you can’t help smiling when you saw that this was barely over 100 php 😉

CONS: though the sachet packaging is kind of handy when you travel, I find it non-aesthetically pleasing to store in my vanity. The cap also comes off if you are not too careful where you store it.

2. Cutasept F 175 php ($3.66)


This product is my holy grail when it comes to drying out my acne! I was out of this product for a couple of weeks or so so I had a few breakouts during those times(plus period acne) but since my sister repurchased it the other day, I have used it to dried up most of my accumulated acne and it totally works! If you want to know more about this, check out my blog post about overcoming my massive acne. 

CONS: it can be a little too harsh and drying on the skin so make sure you use a moisturizer alongside this product.

3. VitaClear Pore Refining Toner 129 php ($2.70ish)


Again, I mentioned this product in my Acne Wars blog but I’d like to throw it out there that I am the laziest when it comes to removing my make up and for nights like that, I use a toner. You can also use it right after washing your face to clear it from other dirt and grime that a face wash failed to remove.

CONS: Can be a little bit cooling which is sort of okay for me but it might be nice to give a heads up to those who have sensitive skin. otherwise, it is from the Herbal blessings line which promotes natural ingredients like: tea tree oil and apple stem cell.

4&5. Celeteque DermoScience Facial wash and Facial Moisturizer w/ SPF 15 


So I did not include the price up there because I’m not really sure but I can confidently say that buying both of these won’t get you over 300 php ($6). I included both of these products in one photo because I figured that they belong in the same line. I have been using the Hydration facial wash for about 3 months now and I have nothing more to complain about ( there’s actually one thing and I’ll put it on the CONS section) . The Facial moisturizer has been with me for almost a month now and I have to say that it’s doing a pretty good job! what I liked about these products is that they both have non-comedogenic properties; meaning, they won’t cause clogging in the pores even if you use them on a daily basis. I use a very low SPF moisturizer because I figured that I almost never see the sun so…yeah. I use both these products when I wake up and right before I sleep.

CONS: The Hydration facial wash is in fact too liquid-y so I really have no sense of control when it comes to squeezing the product out of the tube. Other than that, I won’t say anything bad about these two.

To cap off this blog post, I’d like to give an advice: these products may or may not work for you. The best thing to do is experiment on using new products which you think might suit you. Like I’ve mentioned above, try to find non-comedogenic type of products so you can avoid the whole clogging situation because clogged pores are never cute. I think that would be all!

Ciao for now! 🙂


Beauty Wishlist

Hi! Not blogging last weekend was very irresponsible of me! hahaha! I had to work last Saturday and on Sunday, I attended a church ceremony ( I was a godmother to my nephew) and in the afternoon, I went straight to the movies to finally watch Star Wars ( I know, I’m pretty late but the movie just resumed in our local cinemas. Foreign films are temporarily set aside for the local film fest to give way to Filipino movies).

Okay, now I blog!

So I decided to make a Beauty wishlist for this year. I think I’ll go broke if I’ll buy all of these at once. The things on my list may be a mix of skin care, beauty products, organizers and tools. Here goes my list:

  1. I don’t use lip liners but I think that it’s pretty rad that you can use them as lipsticks.I’ve seen way too many reviews about this product and majority of them were good. I think that for 350 php ( That’s barely over $7), it’s a good starter kit for those who want to start using lip liners. I won’t say much anymore since I might review this in the future.


        True Lips lip liner by MENOW

  2.  The next item on my list, you might laugh at. I was in search for these babies at Divisoria (check out my Divisoria haul) but I can’t seem to find one! Even though I managed to snag a super cheap mirror, I am still yearning for something like this to sit at my vanity.Just recently, I saw something like this in a department store and I was ecstatic! I hope to buy this sometime in February. It’s double the price of the Divisoria mirror but zoom mirrors! prod2111098.jpg
  3. The next item on my list,is a product I have been searching for….A LOT! I have literally messaged every online shop that I have followed in Instagram (make up creep alert!). As you can see, there are 3 shades but I don’t really care what I get. I have to have one of these compacts right now! I just really wanted to do a review for you guys 😉


    Glam Quad blushes by City Color

  4. The next Items on my list is a recent obsession. I bought a Soft matte lip cream a few weeks ago and I am in love with it! The thing that fascinates me the most is that they are liquid and they set in to a matte finish! I have the Soft matte lip creme in Abu Dhabi and It’s one of my favorites! Hoping to get more soon! As for the LA girl Pigment gloss, I swatched the shade Fleur on my hand at the mall and I kid you not, It stayed pretty long! 12hrs max! The only time it came off was when I took a shower the next day and it only came off because I vigorously scrubbed that particular area. maxresdefault

    I love the shades Dreamy, Fleur, Rebel and Instinct in particular.

    5. The next thing I wanted to get was another foundation. I live in the Philippenes so it gets pretty hot out here. I wanted to purchase this because the reviews were super great! I also wanted to get this now so that I can give my Maybelline Matte mouse foundation to my mom (she loves it so much but unfortunately, they phased out the product).whipedcream.jpg

  5. The second to the last item(s?) on my list are make up organizers and brush holders. As of now, I have a twelve slot lipstick holder and with all the lipsticks I am planning to buy, I think I should get more. Plus, all my make up reside in two pouches which have been loyally serving me for months! The make up brush holder with a lid is a must too. My family knows that I need organization on my vanity.

    something a little bigger than this probably. 


    I’d probably get bigger ones too.


  6. The last thing on my list are brushes! I just found these cutest set of big brushes from an online shop and They have the daintiest white and gold handles! I plan to buy this along with the lip liners since they are both available at the same online shop.12510466_557079754440055_480493173289641702_n


That’s all I’ve got folks! I am gonna be sooooo broke a few weeks from now! Pardon my typos since I am typing this with the worst headache ever.

Ciao for now! 🙂


The Lovely Blog Award

Hi so I got tagged/nominated again. I’m still figuring my way out when it comes to these kinds of posts but I’ll give it a go!

The rules for award acceptance are: 

Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them (including a link to their blog). They must list the rules and post the blog award badge in the post.

They must add 7 facts about themselves.

They must nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them that they have been nominated.

So I was tagged by Petra to do the Lovely Blog Award and I’d like to thank her for doing so 🙂

Here are 7 Facts about me:

  1. I own tons of books! (like, a lot! let me know in the comment section if you’d like to see my collection!)
  2. People used to call me Kuneho (Rabbit) as a child. I always cried when boys from my class shout rabbit related names at me because boys can be very mean, ya know? By the time I got older, I’ve learned to embrace my two front teeth.
  3. I love everything in sets! I don’t know if there’s word to describe what it’s called but when I see an item (books, make up, coloring materials) I just get all psyched up if the store sells it in sets!
  4. Despite my need of a proper sleeping schedule, I find it very calming to work, read and clean at night. The mere fact that I have the whole house to myself ( just because everyone is asleep) really kick starts my creativity.
  5. I’m 20 years old and I have a degree in Travel Management.
  6. I have 4 dogs
  7. I love the cartoon “We Bare Bears

That one was quick!

okay so I’m going to tag my most recent followers:

  7. ..

Okay so my browser crashed and I don’t really know why my follower list won’t open anymore. 😦 I’ll check on the error and maybe update this later.

Ciao for now! 🙂


DIY Eye shadow Primer

I have been in search of a reasonably priced eye primer at malls but I just don’t see why they don’t exist. Okay, I haven’t exactly rummaged through every nook and cranny of every beauty counter but you get my point. I know you’ll get a lot of use out of a 50 ml bottle ( it’s an eye primer, a single drop can go a long way!) but I can’t pay for that knowing that I can get at least 2-3 lipsticks for the same amount!

So I managed to concoct a formula ( wow, I sound so science-y!) I’ve tried this with concealers and it works just fine but I used a liquid foundation because I think it suits my skin very well. so here goes my formula:


Lotion + Liquid foundation = (free) eye primer!

I don’t know about you but I was completely overjoyed that I no longer need  to buy a full sized eye primer bottle. I just think that this works just as well. let me teach you how to make this (I know the formula above is a major giveaway but I love typing soooo……)

The first step is to get a container where you can mix the two ingredients in ( since I have nothing like that within the proximity of my room, I used the foundation cap instead). A pea-sized drop would be enough. I wont be making tons of this mix since I have nowhere to store it.


The second step is to add an equal amount of lotion (use a non colored one) to the mix (sorry if it looks like I added more but I did shake the container so the lotion moved around a little bit).IMG_0151

The third step is to mix the two ingredients together until you no longer see streaks of each product.


Okay great! now that I have ruined this brush and have finally completed all the steps in this DIY, we can now put this eye primer to the test.


The eye shadow is from my E.L.F. 100 marbled palette.

Are you bothered that I skipped the middle finger? Now that I’m typing this, I kinda am too. I used the middle finger to apply the primer on my forearm so to avoid ruining the whole test for us,  I did not use the same finger to apply the eye shadow. It went a little something like this:


ARE YOU SEEING THIS?! not that I’m shocked or anything (I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now) but I think that it definitely enhanced the color of the eye shadow! Maybe you’re still a little bit skeptical about how good this DIY stuff is so I took the left over DIY primer (you only need a small amount so I had a lot of leftovers)  and used random colors ( I used a blending  brush this time) from the E.L.F. 100 palette and the primer really brought out the colors! I swear! I’ve mentioned in the Beauty Blogger Awards post that the E.L.F eye shadows won’t really wow you with their pigmentation but with this primer, they perform a whole lot better!


So to cap off this DIY, I would like to complete the formula above:


Pink Check Worthy! thank you for reading this review! feel free to let me know if you’ve tried this DIY.

Ciao for now! 🙂

Beauty Blogger Awards


Hello Everyone!

I am very new to WordPress and I think that this “Beauty Blogger Award” equates to the tag videos in YouTube ( please enlighten me in the comment section if that’s not the case!). So Shawna nominated me and I just wanted to give her a big shout out because she is one of the first people who followed me ( not that I have tons of followers but ya get what I mean).

So basically here are the rules of this tag-type article that I am doing today:

-Tag the blogger that nominated you
-Answer the questions you were given
-Nominate 10 bloggers whose blog is about beauty/lifestyle/fashion
-Name 10 questions for your nominees to answer
-Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them!

My Questions from Shawna are:

  1. What is your favourite shadow palette?
  2. What pushed you to begin your blog?
  3. What tips would you give new bloggers (not just beauty bloggers, but in general)?
  4. What is your go-to lip product?
  5. What is your favourite brand of shampoo/conditioner?
  6. What is your favourite hair tool?
  7. If you could on a beauty shopping spree (make up, clothes, etc),where would you go?
  8. What is your biggest beauty pet peeve?
  9. What is the best make up remover you have used?
  10. Who is your celebrity make up icon?

So do you want me to re-write the questions down below? No I’m not going to cause you serious scrolling trouble. I’m just going to include them one by one below.

    1.What is your favorite eyeshadow palette?IMG_0136


Those little flecks of color are the “marbled” effect


Well, not that I have lots of them but I think I’d go with my E.L.F. 100 Marbled Eyeshadow Palette. It has a wide variety of shades which is perfect for beginners like myself who would like to experiment and play with palettes. Though the pigmentation poses a bit of inconsistency, I really think that a little eye primer would be your total BFF. I’d say that it’s pretty inexpensive because of the number of eye shadow pots that you’re getting. It costs about 900 php here in the Philippines. I have watched countless of Youtube and they have discussed that palettes like this cost about $20 which is still not bad at all IMO.

     2. What pushed you to begin your blog?

I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel because I really wanted to know what it’s like to  wake up and do a job that you truly love. As of now, I do not have the right equipment, space , skills (top reason! lol!) and time to do videos consistently so I figured that blogging here in WordPress would equate to baby steps. Who knows, maybe I’ll film a tutorial a couple of months from now? 😉

      3. What tips would you give new bloggers (not just beauty bloggers, but in general?)

Since I am a beginner myself, I find that the tagging tool is really helpful when it comes to putting your blog “out there”. I think that it is one of the major factors why people get to see my posts. Also, a little interaction never hurt anyone. Comment on the posts of other bloggers and maybe they might check out your blog too! (but don’t spam their comment box)

4. What is your go-to lip product?

My go-to lip product is the FS cosmetics matte lipstick in the shade Matte Twig ( Who names a lipstick shade “twig“?)  which I got for 299 php ( that’s $6.31).

The shade of the lipstick itself isn’t very unique but it’s a wearable deep red which can totally pass as a daytime lippie if you press a paper towel lightly over it. It has this really great formulation which I don’t find too often with matte lipsticks. It does not totally dry out your lips which is a pretty big plus! The best thing that I liked about this lipstick is its packaging. Although it is still considered as a standard sized lipstick, it’s nestled in a “click” case which is pretty much like the click pen mechanism. I also love that it has a strip of mirror so you can apply your lipstick at the table right after you finish your meal (only do that when you’re with a girlfriend or someone with a deep understanding that your lips must look divine even right after chowing down 5 slices of pizza).

5. What is your favorite brand of Shampoo/Conditioner?

I received dirty looks from my mother as to why  I was taking a bottle of shampoo to my room. ( i was just going to take a photo of it, I swear!)


I have used this shampoo during my freshman year in college and I think I have loved it from that moment on! I haven’t been exactly the most loyal lover, though. I tried countless of other shampoos ( I use what we have available in the bathroom. I have no say in shampoo choices in this house) but this just suits my hair really well. It does not have this overwhelming scent and oddly enough, It does not cause my hair to grease up. Great job, buddy!

     6. What is your favorite hair tool?

My initial thought about this questions was: when was the last time I actually use a straightener/curling iron? Truth is, I never really bothered curling or straightening my hair on a regular basis. I have these really thick strands of hair which only induces laziness when it comes to styling. So I immediately took a picture of a hair item (not really a tool) that I can’t live without.


I’ve watched shows and read books where scrunchies are a big no-no but I don’t really get that. To me, scrunchies are the best thing that ever happened to people with hair who live in hot places! They’re the bomb! I won’t over-hype this hair accessory so let’s proceed to the next question.

   7. If you could on a beauty shopping spree (make up, clothes, etc),where would you go?

Boy, I wish questions like these could be possible. I’d definitely go for an SM Department store.

SM stores are pretty much the Philippine Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s ( not that I have been to the US but I did a little research and they have the same selling sections).

  8. What is your biggest beauty pet peeve?

Not that I have perfect eyebrows or anything but I often find myself staring at people who have overly done eyebrows. I get that some people prefer not to groom and define their brows ( you do you, girl) but there are people who overly define them. I am a firm believer that eyebrows definitely frames your face and over defining it would mean overshadowing most of your other features ( if you exerted effort in filling those babies in, why not do it the right way?).

 9. What is the best make up remover you have used?

I have included this before in my Acne story but I think it’s definitely worth mentioning the second time here in this post. I have always stayed true to the VitaClear pore-refining toner.IMG_0147

Like I’ve said before, it gets to the make up (eyeliner & mascara) that you don’t get to remove by just washing your face. It is best used with a cotton pad so you get to cover more facial area in one swipe.

  10. Who is your celebrity make up icon? 

WHOA. I don’t really follow the greatest celebrity makeup Icons but I’ll mention YouTube channels for this question. I really love watching Tati and Emily Noel from YouTube. They have the best make up advice and they’re my go-to gurus when it comes to reviews. They tell you mostly which products are just over hyped and which are Holy grail material. Tati tackles High end brands (but she does drugstore too!) and I really love her series where she displays all her make up (palettes, foundation, lip products) and decides on the spot which items she should get rid off or give to friends and family P.S. Tati’s fiancé is sooooo adorable as well! he totally understands Tati’s love of make up and he supports her all the way!  Emily, on the other hand tackles brands (E.L.F. and maybelline) which are available in my local beauty counters. She is a former news anchor so I love that she looks very credible when she expresses her opinions ( she does her research very well  on every brand she tackles too!).

WOOOOOOOOW that was long! I would like to tag my first ten followers:


here are my questions for you, guys!

  1. What kind of foundation do you use?
  2.  What is your favorite Lipstick shade?
  3. How often do you wash your brushes?
  4. Have you ever tried applying make up on other people?
  5. If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?
  6. What’s the most expensive thing in your make up collection?
  7. What’s the most inexpensive thing in your make up collection ( but works really great!)
  8. What are the products that you regret buying?
  9. What are your fashion staples?
  10. What is your best skincare advice?

Ciao for now! 🙂

Nicka K New York: Hits & Misses (review)

Hello! I have decided to review the three palettes that I have acquired last year ( around December, I think?). I was in search for inexpensive  palettes at the SM Department Store  and I managed to stumble upon this unfamiliar beauty counter which I thought was a local make up brand. Nicka K New York (click the brand name,it’ll lead you to the website! ) was founded a decade ago at New York city (duh)and I found out that they have a really huge range of eye shadows, lipsticks (with this one I am not kidding. check their lip colors and they’ll wow you), and make up tools to date. I first bought the shimmer palette  just for the sake of trying some what I think would be excellent lid colors. Okay, I’ll go easy with my words now and let some photos do the talking.

This is the Perfect Nine Palette from their line.


You’re getting 14.1 grams of product in this palette.

I had a serious urge to buy this one immediately because I have a thing for coppers, golds and shimmers. The packaging is a little flimsy but it looks sleek and classy. It comes with a double ended sponge tip applicator and It also has a strip of mirror on the inside which is very useless in my opinion but that’s just me. Let’s get to the swatches!

IMG_0138IMG_0139shadow 3

I think for a palette that costs 149 php (that’s roughly over $3) you are getting six really good eye shadows and a seemingly okay highlighter. I do not really know what happened with the last two colors but they seemed too powdery and I think that it will cause major fallout when applied to the lid. Also, the bottom colors seem like over sprays unlike the top row which all glided smoothly on my skin. The only thing I’m confused about this palette is it indicates a guide which the colors works as eye shadows and blushes. I think the pink shadow at the lower right will never work properly as a blush.

Overall, I would give this palette like a solid 4/5 because it really outdid my expectations for a 149 php price tag. 

The next product that I would review from the line is the Perfect Twenty-one Palette. I got two variants of this certain product and I’d like to tackle them one by one.

This palette has no specific name but it has a code which says AP027. I’m not really sure what that means but what the heck, it’s still an eyeshadow.


You’re getting about 19.2 grams of product in here

It has the same packaging as the perfect nine palette only, longer (I placed standard sized brushes for reference, ya see.). This was the more neutral palette among the two variants and I seriously thought that for 349 php ( that will be $7.36) this was a total score! I swatched some of the colors in the store and I immediately jumped to the amount of looks I can come up with this! There are some great lid colors and crease colors as well. I mostly use the darker colors for the outer V. Take a look at the swatches below:


Top row


new4 (2) - Copy

Bottom row


Like I’ve said I fell for this certain palette because the store swatches looked awesome. Personally, I think that pigmentation and quality are often compromised in large palettes like this but this one certainly tells a different story . It has great color pay off even if I did not apply primer on my forearm. The matte shades will tend to give you a little trouble though because they come off a bit chalky but I think this offers a little bit of chance for beginners like me to test how the shadows build up on the lid without being shockingly pigmented. The packaging of this palette also includes the same shadow guide as the previous one but let’s face it, you wont put a blush brush in a shadow pot that small.

Overall, I think that I’ll give this palette a 4.5/5 because it just gives you a wider range of good quality shadows for such a low price.

The last palette that I got is the same Perfect Twenty-one palette but in the variant AP028


same 19.2 grams ( please refer to the top most image at the start of this blog to see how bright these really are)

I know what you’re thinking…MAN THOSE SHADOWS ARE BRIGHT! ( the top row at least)

I was reluctant to get this palette but I just wanted to get it for the sake of having more colors to play with (I’m a make up noob,duhhh).I have nothing more to say since it’s pretty much the same palette with the same price as the former palette I mentioned above sooooo let’s get to the swatches:


the top row color pay off was semi okay


bottom row (extremely disappointing)


same color guide suggestions at the back of the palette

I was fairly disappointed when I swatched these tonight because I was expecting heavy pigmentation from this certain palette. My greatest regret is that I did not bother to swatch this palette because this was an impulse buy. Sadly, they don’t perform as good as the neutral palette. There were also a lot of matte shades in here which posed the problem of being so goddamn chalky! The shimmers also did not live up to my expectations ( I got my first shimmer palette earlier that month and I thought that all the shimmer shadows in this brand would perform the same). Among the three of my purchases, this one was the one I will not recommend.

Overall, I would give this palette a 2/5 because it has 3 or four shades that works fine in my opinion. 

One last thing! To my Filipino readers and fellow bloggers: I asked the lady at the Nicka K counter and she told me that the brand just opened last November 2015 so they are not available on all SM Department Stores. They can only be found in SM MOA, SM South Mall and SM Makati (as of December 2015). Since I am now done reviewing the palettes, I would like to show you a little bit of the swatch-fest aftermath before I say goodbye.

I did not choose the make up life, the make up life chose me.

Thank you for reading!

Ciao for now! 🙂

Divisoria Haul!

I Went to Divisoria today!

To those who don’t know where Divisoria ( or even what it is!), it is a cluster of malls and road side stalls where you can buy different kinds of items for a very low price. Okay, but let me warn you, you might want to bring a backpack where you can stuff all your loot comfortably since a ton of walking will be involved. You should also keep a keen eye on your belongings because here in the Philippines, Pickpockets are not urban legends. *teehee*

Enough with the warnings and tourism promotions and let’s get to the haul! So I only bought a couple of items since I already bought a brush set about a month ago.

First, I bought a Flat angled buffer brush and a fan brush.IMG_0128

Like I’ve said, I already own a 12 piece brush set so I just got the ones which I really needed. The Flat angled buffer brush costs 100php (that’s barely over $2!) then the fan brush costs 50php (roughly $1). What I liked about these brushes is that they feel very soft and they are very much like their mall counterparts. I’m not really sure about the wear and tear but I’ve had the other brush set for like a month now and they’re still good as new! (take in to consideration that I wash them every four days so that’s not bad at all).

The next Items that I got were this Sponge blender and the Stand Vanity mirror.IMG_0132

One of the main things that I wanted to buy was a vanity mirror. I had a different thing in mind when we were rummaging through the stores and this one was sort of a last resort…(or so i thought!) Right now I have it set up on my vanity table and I think that it looks very professional! what I mean with professional is that it suits the table very well! The mirror costs 250 php (that’s $5) which I think is a total steal but the great thing about Divisoria is that you can haggle your heart out! the lady gave it for 200php which is about $4. The sponge blender, I still have to test. I have one mall bought sponge blender and I think I will try to compare the difference between the two.

The next set of items (still from the same store) were 7pc. Brush sets IMG_0129Ooooops! Sorry for the second appearance of the sponge blender right there!

The initial price of the brush sets were 200 php  per set but after haggling here and there, I managed to take off 20 php (that’s 42 cents!) from the hello kitty set. I don’t really know why but the seller won’t give the same discount for the “Naked 5” brush set (I have to remind you that they sell lots of imitation in Divisoria. But as long as they’re not cosmetics, I think you’re good to go). These sets are not mine though. I gave them to my Mother and sister who are both starting to get in to make up as well. It’s no 12 piece set but I think it’ll get them started.

The last set of items that I got were these “candy wrapper” coin purses and a very cute eye mask.


I did not originally plan on buying this. but hey, cute stuff! Need I say more? Anyway, the coin purses cost 150 php a piece ( I still think it’s pretty expensive for a purse and I hate how the lady declined our haggling price) and the eye mask costs 35 php (still less than a dollar) I figured that I needed one to help me sleep faster at night.

Now, I bought a pair of pants for 200 php but I’m too lazy to get up and take a photo of it. They’re your classic blue jeans which I think will match the white sneakers I got last Christmas and pretty much every shirt in my closet.

To cap off the whole haul ( try saying that five times in a row! hahaha) I managed to spend 1325 php which is barely $28!  (transportation and food costs are not included. we ate a lot so….) I had a lot of fun walking and browsing through the stores. You really have to scan and rummage through every hallway because you’ll never know what you’ll find!

Ciao for now! 🙂

Make up? NEVER!(?)


A few years ago, face powder is the only thing I need on my face before I leave the house. I mean, I have acne so why bother to glam up the rest of the face?

So 2013 was the year I encountered the “wonders” of make-up. We had to take a personality development class which was supposed to teach us beauty basics and everyday etiquette. I told my mom that we were about to embark on a semester full of make up tutorials. Needless to say, she got so excited and she bought me a blush compact, a brush set and an eyebrow pencil and a lipstick (all are still in the photo above). She also bought me a foundation and a primer which I already threw away after a year or so.

Anyway, that same semester led up to our international tour. We stayed on a cruise ship for almost 4 days. We were to attend a captain’s night where you have to spice up your style (so we were told..) so we had to wear make up! here’s a photo of me on that trip. but before that, let us thank the dim lighting and the ample amount of skin display of my dress to distract you guys.


I applied all the make up my mom bought me. By that time, I had the realization that make up wasn’t so bad after all! I started to see that putting on a bit of concealer, defining your brows and dabbing color on to your lips can go a long way! Right after the trip, I did not fall head over heels with make up and went to the mall to go buy more. I was content with all that I have. For the next two years (2014&2015), the make up that my mom gave me were my go-to make up and i never really bothered buying more.

Let me take you to a stroll down my make up memory lane…

The first product above is a Lancome eye shadow quad that I used to apply all the time! I used my fingers(gross, I know) and sponge tip applicators. to me, they were all the color I’ll ever need! it’s crazy! The second item on my 2013 make up purse is my lipstick. I do not really know the brand and I never really found out because a) i never bothered to look at it when it was brand new b) I used the hell out of it so I managed to erase the brand name as well. I think my old friend can rest now, sleep tight sweet angel…okay! before we get too sentimental let’s get to the third product. The LA girl brushes which I got for free for a minimum purchase of 1500 php. Both of these brushes belonged to the same set of five brushes originally.  Naturally, I lost the other three but that’s okay this blush brush and angled brush were the cornerstone of that set. The fourth item is the Nichido eyebrow pencil. I have no long lamentations on this. It comes with a brush, it’s inexpensive and there is no need for you to sharpen it. Kudos!to products like this! the fifth Item is a blush compact from my mom. It’s from the Herbal Blessings line of Mineral make up. The blushes were very buildable and it never made me over apply. such a shame they discontinued the line already. The last of these products is a powder compact. The compact above is not the one I originally used but I just threw it in there to complete the whole eyes, face and lips look.

As of January 2016, My collection has grown bigger and now I have to stop myself from buying more. I constantly repeat my mantra: “you don’t work for YouTube. you are not a beauty guru, you don’t need more make up” 

sometimes I discard the mantra and go home with pockets less full but my make up loving heart happy.

Ciao for now! 🙂

Acne War Status: Victorious.kinda.

Back when I was in college, I never really bothered with the art of the winged-liner or lip glosses or even cover ups; simply because I was the pimply kid who would gladly say no to foundations and concealers ( I actually tried concealing acne but they are just too stubborn so I clearly gave up on that) and the last thing I might add is that when I visit malls, I tend to swerve away from beauty counters because I feel that they somehow judge the pimple fiesta on my face.

I am going to insert a photo for entertainment purposes:IMG_6109

Wow! enough of my pimply past. Imagine trying to hide half of your face because you don’t want people to stare at you. Back in High school, I wasn’t really the acne parade that I was in college. I kept thinking back then that I was so lucky because while we were at the stage where pimples were supposed to bombard us but i was getting none of it. Then College happened…

I don’t know if It was stress, lack of sleep or extremely poor fried dim sum diet but somehow, Acne got me. The photo above was taken when I was in my junior year in college. The iPad camera sparingly hid the details of dark scars and redness but you get my point. The worst part was people kept asking me what happened to my pimple free complexion. I used to reply by smiling and saying I don’t exactly know but deep inside I had a different reply: WELL SON, I’LL BE DAMNED! IF I KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON, I WOULD NEVER HAVE REACHED THE POINT OF SCARRING AND NO RETURN! but yeah, I usually just smile.

A few months later after dozens of facial appointments and tons of products tried, I managed to redeem about 80% of my scar-less face. I just found a bunch of my holy grail products that helped me recover from the Acne-hell I’ve been through.

Sorry if I don’t have the products in order of usage but when I started having acne,i knew i had to wash the shit out of my face.(1) he first thing I did was to  find the best facial wash which suited my skin. (2) The next logical step is to cleanse your face of the hidden grime which the facial wash was not able to eliminate. I used the VitaClear pore-refining tonerI find that it works best when you use it right after pat-drying your face. (3) The third product is Cutasept F. I had this nasty habit of popping my pimples and we all know that it will never end well. I highly discourage popping pimples but for those who are like me, please find something like this product. I was able to get a hold of it because my dad had a minor operation a few years back. The doctors said that it is extremely effective when it comes to drying up wounds. Yes, it stings a lot when sprayed on but within a few hours, a dry-up is guaranteed. (4) The last of my problems were the dark acne scars. I was totally convinced that I have to live with it for the rest of my days but boy, I’m glad that I was wrong. I discovered this drugstore product called: eRAse. The name says it all! it’s a roll on oil which you can apply on scars and the product will work after a day or so. It will initiate minimal peeling which got rid of the scars in a couple of months!

I had begun to recover from all the social trauma I experienced during these dark times. I also managed to have a decent acne free face on my graduation photo!

Not to sound too enthusiastic and all but I am really glad I found my winning combination to triumph over acne. To cap off this long blog post, I am going to post a recent photo of me. all smiles, no acne worries ( except for period breakouts. but that’s a different story)


My two cents on this is that Acne breakouts will not be the end of the world but it is a red flag that you have to take care of yourself. Eat right, cleanse your face from products and remember that enough sleep will help too.

( ooopsy. still working on the last part)

Ciao for now! 🙂

The Jack of all trades

Have you ever been stuck in the middle ground? No way! Me too!

I have had countless of talent envy experiences my whole life! I never figured where to stand in terms of field discovery.

Let’s do a little enumeration; I sing a little (don’t we all do?) but don’t expect me to belch a Beyoncé anytime soon. I have also read lots of books which decently qualifies me as a book worm  but not your resident book connoisseur. I also bake a little but I’m not the type who’ll bake you a three-tiered birthday cake because I’ve only ventured as deep as muffin tin pans and cookies. Are we getting the theme here? my point is, I am not really bad at anything ( with the exception of dancing because god knows where my hand eye coordination went) but I am not satisfyingly good at anything either. sad lyf, I know.

I started this blog because I am not an excellent writer but hey, I still have an ocean of thoughts within me and this blog will be a harbor where I can dock my thoughts one by one.

Discovering more so-so talents in 3..2..1..